Pickled tomatoes

A tempting, instant and delicious pickle that you can eat just an hour after making it. Be sure to keep it in the refrigerator so that the tomatoes do not get crushed by the heat.

All ingredients are eyeballs. If you like, add vegetables, if you like, add tomatoes. Semi-ripe tomatoes turn orange Finely chopped garlic Sour vegetables include (parsley-dill-tarragon-mint-basil-and cruise which is specific to Urmia. Nearby is not important)

We crush all the ingredients according to the film and mix them together and pour them into the desired container for pickling. Then we pour the sour water on the ingredients, so that first we add salt water according to the volume of the container and add vinegar.

5 kg container with 2 glasses of vinegar In a container with a volume of less than 2 kg, add 1/3 of salt water and 1/2 of vinegar. (Includes small buckets or sauce jars, etc.)

A few points In Urmia, sometimes stuffed tomatoes are made with the same ingredients, with which the inner part of the tomato is crushed and tastes bad. But with this method, the whole surface of the tomato is in contact with sour water and is not crushed. Be sure to keep the pickle in the refrigerator until the air is completely cool. Do not use iodized salt

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